DH (Digital Humanities) has flourished in China for over ten years. Over the past years, we strive to keep up with the world, re-examine the past and configure the present. When Prof. Dr. Melissa Terras from the University of Edinburgh visited Nanjing University in November 2019, she asked us about the origin and features of DH in China. She raised an insightful question that left us in deep thought: what unique vision can the origin of ‘Ren’-oriented Chinese humanism, and humanities and spiritual legacy represented by the Confucian-based disciplines of ‘Six Arts’ bring to the DH research?


Following the success of the first Dunhuang Digital Humanities Conference (DH2019), the second national Digital Humanities Conference (DH2020) will be held from October 19th to October 21th,2020 in Shanghai Library (located in Shanghai, China). Under the general theme of “Benevolence and Excellence: Digital Humanities and Chinese Culture”, DH2020 is intended to give particular focus on the “China issue” in DH. This conference provides a high-level venue that brings together domestic and foreign humanists to promote collaborations and exchange of academic ideas.


DH2020 will invite well-known scholars and domain experts both at home and abroad. This conference will engage with the frontier issues, theoretical and methodological aspects, practical implementations, and evaluations in the field of digital humanities, and organize sessions such as keynote talks, workshops, panel/roundtable discussions, and tutorials.